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We have recently updated the web site to include pictures along with more details about our union and the history that started it all.  Our hope is to attract more members’ interest and to show the general public what our union is about, how we impact the community around us, along with helping our members.  The goal of this web site is also to keep our members updated with important information along with upcoming events.  We welcome your input, suggestions, pictures of past, present and future union related experiences.  Thank you again for taking the time to look us up and please check in with us frequently to keep informed about important issues. 
- Diane, Mike and Fred

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Letter from AFL-CIO about Adaptive Bikes for kids with disabilities


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Musing from R.D.F.

As in the past I have encouraged all my union brothers and sisters to vote. It is the cornerstone of a democracy! For all of you that remember my years of involvement with our local you will remember my constant “preaching” about studying the candidates’ positions and what they have done to better the lives of workers. This is truer today than at any time in our history.
Having served as an officer of Local 464 for over 20 years, I have dealt with many people – both management and union. I believe these experiences have sharpened my senses on people. Most of you have met people you know you cannot trust or believe. Not because someone told you not to trust or believe them, but because you had a “sixth sense” about them. Often, investigating your feelings can prove your sixth sense to be correct.
My “sixth sense” screams there is something truly wrong with Donald Trump as a presidential candidate. He has lived his adult life seeking fame and fortune, but at whose expense? He has stiffed both workers and companies who worked for him. By filing bankruptcy he stiffed stockholders and creditors alike. He is currently refusing to negotiate a contract with hotel workers in Las Vegas. He has insulted women, minorities, disabled individuals, and nationalities and religions other than his. He manufactures his products in thirteen countries other than the United States, but brags he is going to make companies bring the jobs back to America. He has boasted that he is smart because he has not paid Federal taxes in years where his Federal taxes have yet to be shown. He will not disclose his tax forms like all presidential candidates have for the last 60-plus years.
If these facts don’t make you shudder, I don’t know what will! I implore you to seek out truth and to vote using the facts—not the fiction. His slogan “Make America Great Again” just does not ring true. I believe our nation will not move forward with a Trump presidency. I believe that a man’s life is measured by his works, actions, and deeds. This man truly does not deserve your vote!

In Solidarity,
Robert D. Feaser
Past Branch President and Business Manager



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Saturday April 23, 2016 Local 464 participated in Lebanon County’s Day of Caring.   Some painted equipment at Coleman’s park in Lebanon and the rest washed windows at the Lebanon Valley Home in Annville.  Local 464 has been partaking in Lebanon County’s Day of Caring since the program stated (20) twenty years ago, when Donna Hopple was chair of the Local 464 Community Service Committee.  It is rewarding for Local 464 to give back to the community.  

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Chocolate Workers Local No. 464 Bakery, Confectionery Tobacco Workers’ and Grain Millers International Union, AFL-CIO was chartered by our International Union  in 1938.  Our purpose is to organize the workers within our jurisdiction, in order to improve our conditions, protect our interests, to establish and maintain a plan of collective bargaining with employers.

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